Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Open letter to the Gang of Marasees

I am writing an open letter to the Gang of marasees who appear frustrated by the Panjab Assembly's resolution to ban "Objectionable concerts in educational institution.  It is a reply to Mr Sher Khan who became the voice of these Marasees in his article "PA concert ban: Another day, another disappointment" that was published on January 26, 2012 on express tribune. My question is why they are so frustrated, this is the ban in educational institutions not overall, educational institutions are for education, aren't they?

It’s true that it is impossible to define the scope of the word “Objectionable” so anything can be stopped by labeling it objectionable. This is not good at all. But wait a minute, why and how extra-curricular activities, art and culture in educational institution have become a concert by a professional singer (Marasee). There was a time, when singing and all the activities in any concert or program was carried on by the students of that institution. This seems that some educational institutions have seen a easy way of promoting their schools/colleges and the professional singers are failing to gather public outside educational institutions so they are running for easy money. Please leave all the art and culture within school boundaries to school students.

Now let us see what the gang had told in the article and try to analyze that.

According to Ahmed Ali Butt (Entity Paradigm), songs by the professionals are the way of education and Pakistan will lose a lot by this ban. People will have another way of learning via internet. Oh bahi, then go with your internet and clearly what type of education one student will get when he will listen to a professional singer with in an educational institution that he cannot get with a song of a non professional student singer.

Adnan Sarwar (Club Caramel), emphases on why govt was not able to provide security to students and so after the ban the only way for him to earn is by going to India and gave the threat that he will not become an ideal ambassador. Dear brother, no one is stopping you from going to India and behaving like Vena Malik, go ahead.  You havn’t told anything why a professional signer is a must required in a concert in educational institution.

Ali Noor (Noori) is so much offended with this resolution that he has started to join some political party as it not a matter of livelihood but a matter of principle. Yaar why not you tell how it is must and necessary that educational institutions must organize concert for the livelihood of professional singers. Why can’t you live outside the school campus. Rest joining a political party is your personal problem. Hopefully we will soon see you in some political party jalsa.

Ali Azmat has claimed that it is his legal right to have a concert in a school and college so he is going to start a campaign for it on twitter. How it become his legal right to must sing in a school?

Shallum Xavier (Fuzon) was so frustated that he told the truth that he is unable to earn outside the school boundaries and singing in a school, is his bread and butter. Mr. You should focus and train more, hopefully you will be able to sing in some "Shadi" function as well.

Faisal Kapadia (Strings) was also of the view that singing in a school is the only way of making a living for the musicians. I feel really sorry for you and know that soon this will be over. Don't worry; already too many voices are on the media for you poor people.

Meekal Hassan and Khurram Waqar (Qayaas)  thought that Pakistan has become a culture wasteland and only source of revenue for them are schools. What a shame? Students go there for learning and you people loot them for your own benefit.

By reading the views of all of these Singers, it seems either they have thought that ban is over all and not in the educational institutions or really the situation of musical industry is really touching the bottom as the singers only rely on income from the educational institutions and singers are unable to earn money outside the school boundaries.

Concerts in the educational institutions should not be banned, but this does not mean that these singers make it their bread and butter and only source of income. If you think, that this is a way of education for students, make it free and earn outside the school as already parents are paying too much in the name of school fees. This ban is not going to last for a long but the way these Marasees have reacted have shown their truth.


  1. Around 90% of the concerts in lahore are held by educational institutions. I must have attended like 12 concerts all at lgs, beaconhouse and lums.

  2. hmm yup educational institutions are trying to promote themself like this.