Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fed up with Bolta Pakistan ‘s Imran Khan Phobia

News anchors have to be neutral but this is not the case in Pakistan. This is evident by exploring the Bolta Pakistan facebook page. Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq minhas are extremely biased against Imran Khan and PTI. Reason for this is completely unknown or you may guess.

Just have a look at the post they had published on their facebook page. One wonders if they have any moral values or not.

As a result, they are getting too much attention and abusive comments from the youth of Pakistan. In return, they are also fighting like Kids. The following post demonstrate their childish behavior.

Showing their childish behavior they do not forget to do personal attacks on people complaining against their behavior and PTI by using extremely abusive language.

Every day they come up with some post against Imran Khan and PTI. They also abuse Imran Khan with the name “Adolf-Khan”.  Is it ok for the journalists to abuse any politician openly? Where are the moral and ethical values of the journalists? Are they really journalists or not?

It seems to me that it is their program policy to abuse Imran Khan and PTI. There could be number of reasons behind that.

Get High Rating:
 As Imran Khan and PTI are becoming popular with a rapid race, they are trying to attract the attention towards them. By abusing the Party, more and more people will respond and their program will get attention.

Defending their Political Parties: 
Sometimes it seems that Nusrat Javed is working for PPP and Mushtaq minhaz is working for PMLN and their only assigned task is to defend their political parties rather than to work as journalists. They show no sign of neutrality. This is against the ethics of journalism but who follows the ethics in the era of corrupted journalism.

Defending Malik Riaz’s Money:
Not a single politician had openly spoken against Malik Riaz except Imran Khan.  At the same time both anchors of ‘Bolta Pakistan’, Mushtaq Minhaz and Nusrat Javed are accused of getting bribes from Malik Riaz. Their only defense so far against this money is similar to what Mubashir Luqman said in the leaked video “Give me that money”.  It also seems that Malik Riaz money is active behind abusive comments and posts of ‘ Bolta Pakistan’ against Imran Khan.

All the reason could be wrong but they way they are active against Imran Khan and PTI, have made me sick. I am totally fed up with their posts and comments.  Journalist should not become a party at any cost and should remain neutral. There should be some code of ethics for the journalists otherwise soon all the politicians will become TV anchors and journalists.

What do you think, what is the reason behind ‘Bolta Pakistan’ madness ?

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