Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dr Hoodbouy Test for waterkit car is wrong

Dr Hoodbouy is going to be insulted by the self claimed Engineer Agha Waqar and the media very soon. I am claiming this based on the validity test demanded by Dr Hoodbouy in his recent article in Express Tribune. Dr Hoodbouy had asked him to prove the working of his water Kit by fitting it with the electricity Generator.  Agha Waqar had shown this on Television and Dr Hoodbouy might not have seen that program.  Really has Dr Hoodbouy demanded the wrong test?

Agha Waqar claim is not intentional fraud as claimed by Dr Hoodbouy but overall working cost of water kit will soon going to be proved more costly than the cost of oil saved by his method. As a result those who will buy his kit will become victim of unintentional fraud.

Dr Qadeer and many other people from Pakistan Science foundation are also on the wrong foot. Reason, they are only looking at the moving car and not the force which is moving the car. Unfortunately Dr Hoodbouy has demanded only the working of engine and these people will soon start insulting him as this is going to happen.

To clearly understand why Hoodbouy demanded question is wrong, we have to look at the working of engine via CNG. CNG is injected in the air intake pipe of a petrol engine where spark plug ignite the gas similarly as that ignite petrol and that provide the energy to move the engine and so as the car. Here in this case, instead of CNG, hydrogen, which is going to be produced via electrolysis of water, is being used. As hydrogen is also combustible just like CNG, so theoretically it is going to work.

So now question can come that where goes the law of thermodynamics of which Dr Hoodbouy and Dr Atta-ur-Rehman were talking about. Dr Atta-ur-Rehman had clearly mentioned that in Hammid Mir program that everything will be cleared when the car will run for some time (say 1000 miles as mentioned by Talat Hussain in his article as well).

To clearly understand why Agha Waqar claim is against the law of thermodynamics, we have to look at the complete working cycle of his water kit car.

  1.   Energy from battery is being used in the form of electricity to break the water molecule in hydrogen and oxygen. Some energy will be lost in the form of heat and some chemical reactions if water is not pure.
  2. Hydrogen will be injected in the engine just like CNG to move the engine. Energy will be lost here as well due to heat and friction.
  3. Due to the motion of the motor, alternator will be operated as a result electricity will be produced that will be stored in battery. Here as well, much of the energy is usually lost due to the friction and electrical resistance.

According to the law of thermodynamics, energy used from the battery in point 1, should be much larger than what the battery receive in the point 3. If both become same, than this whole cycle is a perfect perpetual machine which is not possible as it is opposite to the law of thermodynamics.

So In my view, Dr Hoodbouy has asked the wrong question that is just to show the working of point 2 in the above mentioned cycle and Agha Waqar will clearly pass this test.

The test for Agha Waqar should be to show theoretically making the calculation that on average how much energy (electricity) is being used to do the electrolysis in point 1(say for one liter of water) and similarly how much energy (electricity) is being stored again in battery in point 3 (by the engine running on the hydrogen generated by same one liter of water). If both are equal than his claim is correct.

All the previous claims of running cars on water, ended in fraud as the cost of charging the battery again and again had proved to be more expensive than the cost of oil saved in those methods.

Summarizing all the above, I will say Dr Hoodbouy should ask the correct test otherwise most of the people will lose money and big scientists like him will be humiliated. Test should be to check the law of thermodynamics rather than testing the movement of car or working of engine.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Electrolysis and Pakistani Media

Almost every other day, a story use to pop up in a Pakistani media that a technician in some part of Pakistan has developed a method to produce electricity by burning water or have developed a method to run a car using water as a fuel. Recently Hamid Mir a renowned TV anchor have broadcasted a TV show on similar conceptReally is it possible to use Water as a fuel?

Water is not a fuel and it doesn’t burn but hydrogen is. Water is a combination of Hydrogen and oxygen.  Unfortunately hydrogen is not freely available. To use hydrogen as a fuel, water molecules have to be broken down. Most common method of breaking the water molecule is renowned as electrolysis. Electricity is used in this method to separate Hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Every matric/FSC student tests this method in their school labs. Now these people are using electrolysis to generate hydrogen which is then provided to the engines via air intake pipe just like CNG to burn hydrogen and run the engine.

But wait a minute, what is the actual source of energy which is running the engine? It’s the electricity.  Without electricity, water molecule will not be broken down; hydrogen will not be produced and will not be burned in the engine. From where this free electricity comes from and at what cost? You are using electricity to run engine or generate electricity.

Pakistani media is extremely strange and it is evident that instead of doing the cost analysis of the electrolysis process, TV anchor Hammid Mir tested the system by driving the car and do you expect what he said

“Ye to bilkul normal gari ki tarah chal rahi hay”
(It is running like a normal car)

What do you have expected, should car have to fly with water or hydrogen fuel. As it was running normal so you have declared it the cheapest method. You and those technicians should be given Noble Prize.

According to Hammid Mir, Oil industry is not allowing to use water as alternative fuel. In my view it is not correct. Its the over all cost (including maintenance cost) of cars running on electrolysis which is not allowing them to be used as alternative.

The inventor Agha Waqar, challenged Dr Atta ur Rehman in another show, hosted by TV anchor Talat Hussain,

“Ager battery dead bi ho, app Dhaka laga k gari start ker lain to battery to charge ho jati ha“

So, according to him, battery will never be consumed and it’s a complete cycle where more energy will be produced with less energy consumption. But this is not true, we have to look at the complete cycle in this case to understand what is happening behind it.

Car will run on gasoline to run the car’s motor. Energy will be lost due to heat and friction and its alternator will be operated due to the motion of the motor which result in creating electricity and that will be stored in battery. But again energy will be lost during this process due to friction and electrical resistance. Electricity from the battery will be used to separate hydrogen using electrolysis. Energy will be again lost in the form of heat and other chemical reactions if water will not be pure. Hydrogen will be then used to run the engine instead of gasoline.

In each cycle, lot of energy will be wasted. Each time, battery will be charged less due to losses and as a result, less hydrogen will be produced. After some time, battery will have to be charged again via gasoline or some external method.

On an average 5x electricity is consumed to generate 1x electricity via this method.

1000 m3 of H2 will generate 1MWh of electricity and 1MWh of heat.

In the last but not least, making water distilled also consume energy mostly in the form of electricity or burning of oil.

Agha Waqar misconceptions:
1. Sound system in cars also consume battery power, so what's a big deal ? Bahi, sound system is only the consumer of energy, in your system battery power is the starting point, without electricity whole system will not work. Both of them are two separate things altogether.

2. It will save millions of rupees as import of oil will be reduced. How, than who will charge the batteries. For charging the batteries, you have to burn oil or any other method. Oil will still be required and at the same time, due to heavy usage of batteries, their prices will also shoot at the same time.

3. Very little battery power is being utilized. Ok, but how much. Have you calculated that?

4. Car is moving so the method is the best. Sorry unless you will not show that overall cost of using kit is less than the cost of oil saved by this method, this can not be said that it is a cheap method.

Missing points:
As the discussion is getting long I will not explain the other missing points which are not being addressed in the media about this method. Like, cost of electricity for electrolysis, life time of electrodes being used in electrolysis process and their cost, cost of distilled water, effect of hydrogen burring on engine efficiency etc etc. At the same time Hydrogen is odorless gas, so it is very hard to detect incase of leakage which brings the safety expects in concern as well.  If you bring all this into account than one can assume that this is not cheap method at all.

To summarize all of the above I would say, media should study before presenting something as free energy source. It is good that many technicians and scientists are working for alternate source of energy but electrolysis or water is not a free source of energy or alternative fuel unless you prove theoretically as well that overall cost of this kit is less than the cost of oil saved in this method.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fed up with Bolta Pakistan ‘s Imran Khan Phobia

News anchors have to be neutral but this is not the case in Pakistan. This is evident by exploring the Bolta Pakistan facebook page. Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq minhas are extremely biased against Imran Khan and PTI. Reason for this is completely unknown or you may guess.

Just have a look at the post they had published on their facebook page. One wonders if they have any moral values or not.

As a result, they are getting too much attention and abusive comments from the youth of Pakistan. In return, they are also fighting like Kids. The following post demonstrate their childish behavior.

Showing their childish behavior they do not forget to do personal attacks on people complaining against their behavior and PTI by using extremely abusive language.

Every day they come up with some post against Imran Khan and PTI. They also abuse Imran Khan with the name “Adolf-Khan”.  Is it ok for the journalists to abuse any politician openly? Where are the moral and ethical values of the journalists? Are they really journalists or not?

It seems to me that it is their program policy to abuse Imran Khan and PTI. There could be number of reasons behind that.

Get High Rating:
 As Imran Khan and PTI are becoming popular with a rapid race, they are trying to attract the attention towards them. By abusing the Party, more and more people will respond and their program will get attention.

Defending their Political Parties: 
Sometimes it seems that Nusrat Javed is working for PPP and Mushtaq minhaz is working for PMLN and their only assigned task is to defend their political parties rather than to work as journalists. They show no sign of neutrality. This is against the ethics of journalism but who follows the ethics in the era of corrupted journalism.

Defending Malik Riaz’s Money:
Not a single politician had openly spoken against Malik Riaz except Imran Khan.  At the same time both anchors of ‘Bolta Pakistan’, Mushtaq Minhaz and Nusrat Javed are accused of getting bribes from Malik Riaz. Their only defense so far against this money is similar to what Mubashir Luqman said in the leaked video “Give me that money”.  It also seems that Malik Riaz money is active behind abusive comments and posts of ‘ Bolta Pakistan’ against Imran Khan.

All the reason could be wrong but they way they are active against Imran Khan and PTI, have made me sick. I am totally fed up with their posts and comments.  Journalist should not become a party at any cost and should remain neutral. There should be some code of ethics for the journalists otherwise soon all the politicians will become TV anchors and journalists.

What do you think, what is the reason behind ‘Bolta Pakistan’ madness ?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pakistani media on Plane crash reporting

Just made some of the cartoons to show the ethics of our media.

Last frame with little modification in speech.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Total time waste on Imran Khan

I was thinking about drawing something so i decided to draw Imran khan. So today i wasted my time on drawing cartoons of Imran Khan :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some more fazool time pass

Today again, me, flash and some of my pictures are together to waste some time.

So  i have started to draw my pictures on flash. Output is not bad. So i can say i can make drawings as well :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hate goes to animation

This is how i feel on each sunday.

Although there is nothing funny in this animation but i really enjoyed it in making. By the way i am surprised that 13 sec animation took the size of 500 MB and on compression it comes to 18MB but the quality has degraded. At the same time, its speed has also increased. Sound volume has also gone too low.  :(

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The hate continues.....

Edited version of this blog was published in Express Tribune on 25th March, 2012

From the deepest desires often comes the deadliest hate- Socrates.  After reading the articles on the series “10 things I hate about” for number of months on express tribune, I was feeling sick.  It has started feeling of extreme hate in me. So today I am trying to list down the most obvious 10 points of hate (yes again not more and not less) that I feel against the haters.

1. Vociferousness: The biggest reason for me being the hater of haters is their vociferousness. They talk normally loud full of clamorousness and vehemence. Instead of convincing others with their arguments cogently they try to attract others with force and loudness. And this is the same reason you are here, you are not here to read some quality stuff but due to the force and loudness of the “blog heading” you are attracted to it to see why I hate haters.

2. Gender:  Strange but true, whenever I read some article with the heading “I hate”, author come out to be a female.  Even during the series “10 things I hate about” of express tribune, 80% of the writers were girls. I don’t know why? Some people might say because most girls are virago, termagant and harridan.

3. Anticipation or Pre-Judgment: They use to be too fast in pre-judging the scenarios and things. Where ever you go with them, they start presuming after seeing everything that this couldn’t be good and start showing the supercilious attitude without fully examining it. You may fit this on me as well because I also hate the haters. :)

4. Pretending to be Funny:  Haters always try to bring fun in their arguments and fail miserably.  Their jokes turn out to be cliché, banal, bromide and platitude. Just look at you, even at the 4th point of my blog you are extremely bored and sneering arrogance even though I tried to bring some fun in my previous points but to no avail.

5. Somniferous style in writing: Their articles are so somniferous that reading the whole article become punishment. Haters appear to be tyro, maladroit and inarticulate in expressing their hate.  As I am writing in hate against the haters, so this blog is also becoming somniferous and boring. I am 100% sure that 99% would have skipped before this point and will be reading the conclusion to end this blog, if not surely you will be reading in hate.:)

6. Ennui: They totally lack joie de vivre and don’t want others to enjoy the life as well after listening to their useless arguments full of hate.

7. Anger against trivial things: Haters never let the trivial and most common topics go without their anger and hate. If someone is wearing skinny jeans, or veil, they will express their hate. If someone is watching or not watching any TV show/drama, they will express their hate. The best example is what I am writing now; I am not even letting the haters go without hating them. :)

8. Repetitiveness: People who express hate are mostly verbose. After two or three logical points they start filling the stomach of the article with repetition. If you didn’t understand, try to read my last four points again.

9. Vocabulary: Their articles, usually full of very heavy vocabulary. Instead of filling their articles with ideas and arguments they fill them with vocabulary. Every time reading those articles I have to oscillate between article and dictionary.

10. Jealousy: The obvious reason of hate is the jealousy and I put it deliberately at the end because that one word is heavier than earlier nine points. If I see something nice and unable to get that or do that then of course “Angoor Khatey Haan”.

In the end I would say that it is really hard to keep hating and bring out 10 different points of hate, not only for the haters but also for the one who hate the hater but still the hate keeps its continuity. Recapitulating all the above points, I would say that haters mostly start repeating after two or three logical points and mostly they hate in jealousy.  Don’t know why but somehow girls are winning as haters and that was obvious in the series.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I hate “10 things I hate about”

On express tribute it has become a cliché and banal heading for the blogs and articles “10 things I hate about”.  I tried to list most recent articles with this stereotype heading.

Below is the list with title, author and date of publication on express tribune.


February 26, 2012

February 19, 2012

February 12, 2012

February 5, 2012

January 29, 2012

January 22, 2012

January 15, 2012

January 8, 2012

November 6, 2011

August 14, 2011

On reading the list, it is obvious that around 80% of the articles are written by girls and around 20% by boys. Each article has nothing to present anything new or with any logic, except three to four points, mostly all other points are just to fulfill the stomach so it can be called as “10 things to hate”. Even if one consider the topic names, they doesn’t carry any worth or point to be published but still they are being published almost one a week in Sunday magazine of express tribune.

Written by Girls vs Boys

I didn't understand why girls like to write on "10 things i hate about" and why express tribune love to publish these articles.

In conclusion, I would say, express tribune should look before what they are publishing. Topic with this name appears as authors have nothing to write and publishers are publishing as they are forced to publish. It normally become hard to read the whole article after reading this heading only.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bash Military and your article will be published in Media

Whoever controls the media controls the mind -Jim Morrison. The myth has been created by the politicians of Pakistan, especially in the last 4 years, that all the problems of Pakistan are due to the Pakistan Military. Even the media carries the same myth and publish all hatred against Army. The biggest example of this has been recently published in Dawn on February 17, 2012, “The Military Myth” by Aasim Sajjad Akhtar.

The author started with his anger that why none of the politician or media has raised voice against the Chief of the army staff’s claim that armed forces are allocated only 18 percent of total government outlay. He presumed that as Army is more powerful than politicians and media so no one is saying anything against it. After the initial introduction, he never proved it wrong later in his article; even he didn’t bother to discuss it.

In his article he put all of the emphases on so called myth that army blames the feudal and politicians for the corruption and tried to prove that it is the strategy which is tried and tested and completely wrong. It seems he also believes in myths because in order to counter this he didn’t brought any authentic reference that feudal or politicians were never involved in the corruption.

Trying to counter the argument, according to his supposition that it is mostly presented by army men, that biggest reason for politicians to be corrupted could be due to their feudal background, he presented the example of Jamshed Dasti and Sheikh Rashid. According to him, both of them were not from feudal background but rather from humble urban areas. He failed to realize that although these politicians are not feudal by birth but they possess the feudal mentality, how you can imagine a person with a humble background can forge with his degrees.  When someone talks about the problem of feudal that actually refers to the mindset of those people otherwise in history there are many examples when a person possess lot of land but always remained humble.

To conclude all this, I would say that the entire article was based on hypothetical myth and was full effort to malign Pakistan Army. The article was full of baseless arguments just to prove that Army is in full control of Pakistan and all the bad things happening in Pakistan are due to Army.  Media also seems to check only one thing before publishing any article that it should be against Army.  These days politicians are using media to turn every Pakistani mind against Army as stated by Julie Christie, “The status quo and the media is doing everything it can to fry children's brains and make them grow up maladjusted.”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Open letter to the Gang of Marasees

I am writing an open letter to the Gang of marasees who appear frustrated by the Panjab Assembly's resolution to ban "Objectionable concerts in educational institution.  It is a reply to Mr Sher Khan who became the voice of these Marasees in his article "PA concert ban: Another day, another disappointment" that was published on January 26, 2012 on express tribune. My question is why they are so frustrated, this is the ban in educational institutions not overall, educational institutions are for education, aren't they?

It’s true that it is impossible to define the scope of the word “Objectionable” so anything can be stopped by labeling it objectionable. This is not good at all. But wait a minute, why and how extra-curricular activities, art and culture in educational institution have become a concert by a professional singer (Marasee). There was a time, when singing and all the activities in any concert or program was carried on by the students of that institution. This seems that some educational institutions have seen a easy way of promoting their schools/colleges and the professional singers are failing to gather public outside educational institutions so they are running for easy money. Please leave all the art and culture within school boundaries to school students.

Now let us see what the gang had told in the article and try to analyze that.

According to Ahmed Ali Butt (Entity Paradigm), songs by the professionals are the way of education and Pakistan will lose a lot by this ban. People will have another way of learning via internet. Oh bahi, then go with your internet and clearly what type of education one student will get when he will listen to a professional singer with in an educational institution that he cannot get with a song of a non professional student singer.

Adnan Sarwar (Club Caramel), emphases on why govt was not able to provide security to students and so after the ban the only way for him to earn is by going to India and gave the threat that he will not become an ideal ambassador. Dear brother, no one is stopping you from going to India and behaving like Vena Malik, go ahead.  You havn’t told anything why a professional signer is a must required in a concert in educational institution.

Ali Noor (Noori) is so much offended with this resolution that he has started to join some political party as it not a matter of livelihood but a matter of principle. Yaar why not you tell how it is must and necessary that educational institutions must organize concert for the livelihood of professional singers. Why can’t you live outside the school campus. Rest joining a political party is your personal problem. Hopefully we will soon see you in some political party jalsa.

Ali Azmat has claimed that it is his legal right to have a concert in a school and college so he is going to start a campaign for it on twitter. How it become his legal right to must sing in a school?

Shallum Xavier (Fuzon) was so frustated that he told the truth that he is unable to earn outside the school boundaries and singing in a school, is his bread and butter. Mr. You should focus and train more, hopefully you will be able to sing in some "Shadi" function as well.

Faisal Kapadia (Strings) was also of the view that singing in a school is the only way of making a living for the musicians. I feel really sorry for you and know that soon this will be over. Don't worry; already too many voices are on the media for you poor people.

Meekal Hassan and Khurram Waqar (Qayaas)  thought that Pakistan has become a culture wasteland and only source of revenue for them are schools. What a shame? Students go there for learning and you people loot them for your own benefit.

By reading the views of all of these Singers, it seems either they have thought that ban is over all and not in the educational institutions or really the situation of musical industry is really touching the bottom as the singers only rely on income from the educational institutions and singers are unable to earn money outside the school boundaries.

Concerts in the educational institutions should not be banned, but this does not mean that these singers make it their bread and butter and only source of income. If you think, that this is a way of education for students, make it free and earn outside the school as already parents are paying too much in the name of school fees. This ban is not going to last for a long but the way these Marasees have reacted have shown their truth.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mentality of Pakistani Politics never changes

Mentality of Pakistani Politics never changes; this perception has popped up in mind today on 13th January, 2011, after the resolution in the parliament that you want democracy or dictatorship.

Around 27 years ago in December 1984, General Zia ul Haq won the referendum by asking “You want Islam or not, if yes I am your leader”. Idea behind the Zia ul Haq was that as majority of peoples in Pakistan are Muslim, so they will vote for Pakistan and he will become the President of Pakistan and that did happen although today most of the politician accepts that behind that referendum there was a mala fide intention.

Today PM Gilani along with ANP leaders is following the same steps. A resolution has been floated in the parliament that “Democracy or Dictatorship”. Now who could be the one in the parliament, who will not vote for democracy? By giving vote for democracy, according to the last clause of the resolution which states: “This house endorses and supports the efforts made by the political leadership for strengthening democracy and reposes full confidence and trust in them”, you trust the Government. This means that government is not doing any corruption and all is well in Pakistan.

By making a comparison between the mentality of both Zia ul Haq time and Yousaf Raza Gilani, we see no difference at all. There is a difference of around 27 years, but both of them tried the same thing i.e. to hide their wrong deeds behind some other issue. Zia tried to gain more power, he hide himself behind islam and Gilani after 4 years of democracy and full power, wanted people to choose between democracy or dictatorship. This clearly indicate as a Pakistani we haven’t changed in quarter of a century, we puffed the dictatorship with powder and lipsticks of so called democracy but behind that screen we still have the same ugly face and mentality.