Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Total time waste on Imran Khan

I was thinking about drawing something so i decided to draw Imran khan. So today i wasted my time on drawing cartoons of Imran Khan :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some more fazool time pass

Today again, me, flash and some of my pictures are together to waste some time.

So  i have started to draw my pictures on flash. Output is not bad. So i can say i can make drawings as well :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hate goes to animation

This is how i feel on each sunday.

Although there is nothing funny in this animation but i really enjoyed it in making. By the way i am surprised that 13 sec animation took the size of 500 MB and on compression it comes to 18MB but the quality has degraded. At the same time, its speed has also increased. Sound volume has also gone too low.  :(

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The hate continues.....

Edited version of this blog was published in Express Tribune on 25th March, 2012

From the deepest desires often comes the deadliest hate- Socrates.  After reading the articles on the series “10 things I hate about” for number of months on express tribune, I was feeling sick.  It has started feeling of extreme hate in me. So today I am trying to list down the most obvious 10 points of hate (yes again not more and not less) that I feel against the haters.

1. Vociferousness: The biggest reason for me being the hater of haters is their vociferousness. They talk normally loud full of clamorousness and vehemence. Instead of convincing others with their arguments cogently they try to attract others with force and loudness. And this is the same reason you are here, you are not here to read some quality stuff but due to the force and loudness of the “blog heading” you are attracted to it to see why I hate haters.

2. Gender:  Strange but true, whenever I read some article with the heading “I hate”, author come out to be a female.  Even during the series “10 things I hate about” of express tribune, 80% of the writers were girls. I don’t know why? Some people might say because most girls are virago, termagant and harridan.

3. Anticipation or Pre-Judgment: They use to be too fast in pre-judging the scenarios and things. Where ever you go with them, they start presuming after seeing everything that this couldn’t be good and start showing the supercilious attitude without fully examining it. You may fit this on me as well because I also hate the haters. :)

4. Pretending to be Funny:  Haters always try to bring fun in their arguments and fail miserably.  Their jokes turn out to be cliché, banal, bromide and platitude. Just look at you, even at the 4th point of my blog you are extremely bored and sneering arrogance even though I tried to bring some fun in my previous points but to no avail.

5. Somniferous style in writing: Their articles are so somniferous that reading the whole article become punishment. Haters appear to be tyro, maladroit and inarticulate in expressing their hate.  As I am writing in hate against the haters, so this blog is also becoming somniferous and boring. I am 100% sure that 99% would have skipped before this point and will be reading the conclusion to end this blog, if not surely you will be reading in hate.:)

6. Ennui: They totally lack joie de vivre and don’t want others to enjoy the life as well after listening to their useless arguments full of hate.

7. Anger against trivial things: Haters never let the trivial and most common topics go without their anger and hate. If someone is wearing skinny jeans, or veil, they will express their hate. If someone is watching or not watching any TV show/drama, they will express their hate. The best example is what I am writing now; I am not even letting the haters go without hating them. :)

8. Repetitiveness: People who express hate are mostly verbose. After two or three logical points they start filling the stomach of the article with repetition. If you didn’t understand, try to read my last four points again.

9. Vocabulary: Their articles, usually full of very heavy vocabulary. Instead of filling their articles with ideas and arguments they fill them with vocabulary. Every time reading those articles I have to oscillate between article and dictionary.

10. Jealousy: The obvious reason of hate is the jealousy and I put it deliberately at the end because that one word is heavier than earlier nine points. If I see something nice and unable to get that or do that then of course “Angoor Khatey Haan”.

In the end I would say that it is really hard to keep hating and bring out 10 different points of hate, not only for the haters but also for the one who hate the hater but still the hate keeps its continuity. Recapitulating all the above points, I would say that haters mostly start repeating after two or three logical points and mostly they hate in jealousy.  Don’t know why but somehow girls are winning as haters and that was obvious in the series.