Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dr Hoodbouy Test for waterkit car is wrong

Dr Hoodbouy is going to be insulted by the self claimed Engineer Agha Waqar and the media very soon. I am claiming this based on the validity test demanded by Dr Hoodbouy in his recent article in Express Tribune. Dr Hoodbouy had asked him to prove the working of his water Kit by fitting it with the electricity Generator.  Agha Waqar had shown this on Television and Dr Hoodbouy might not have seen that program.  Really has Dr Hoodbouy demanded the wrong test?

Agha Waqar claim is not intentional fraud as claimed by Dr Hoodbouy but overall working cost of water kit will soon going to be proved more costly than the cost of oil saved by his method. As a result those who will buy his kit will become victim of unintentional fraud.

Dr Qadeer and many other people from Pakistan Science foundation are also on the wrong foot. Reason, they are only looking at the moving car and not the force which is moving the car. Unfortunately Dr Hoodbouy has demanded only the working of engine and these people will soon start insulting him as this is going to happen.

To clearly understand why Hoodbouy demanded question is wrong, we have to look at the working of engine via CNG. CNG is injected in the air intake pipe of a petrol engine where spark plug ignite the gas similarly as that ignite petrol and that provide the energy to move the engine and so as the car. Here in this case, instead of CNG, hydrogen, which is going to be produced via electrolysis of water, is being used. As hydrogen is also combustible just like CNG, so theoretically it is going to work.

So now question can come that where goes the law of thermodynamics of which Dr Hoodbouy and Dr Atta-ur-Rehman were talking about. Dr Atta-ur-Rehman had clearly mentioned that in Hammid Mir program that everything will be cleared when the car will run for some time (say 1000 miles as mentioned by Talat Hussain in his article as well).

To clearly understand why Agha Waqar claim is against the law of thermodynamics, we have to look at the complete working cycle of his water kit car.

  1.   Energy from battery is being used in the form of electricity to break the water molecule in hydrogen and oxygen. Some energy will be lost in the form of heat and some chemical reactions if water is not pure.
  2. Hydrogen will be injected in the engine just like CNG to move the engine. Energy will be lost here as well due to heat and friction.
  3. Due to the motion of the motor, alternator will be operated as a result electricity will be produced that will be stored in battery. Here as well, much of the energy is usually lost due to the friction and electrical resistance.

According to the law of thermodynamics, energy used from the battery in point 1, should be much larger than what the battery receive in the point 3. If both become same, than this whole cycle is a perfect perpetual machine which is not possible as it is opposite to the law of thermodynamics.

So In my view, Dr Hoodbouy has asked the wrong question that is just to show the working of point 2 in the above mentioned cycle and Agha Waqar will clearly pass this test.

The test for Agha Waqar should be to show theoretically making the calculation that on average how much energy (electricity) is being used to do the electrolysis in point 1(say for one liter of water) and similarly how much energy (electricity) is being stored again in battery in point 3 (by the engine running on the hydrogen generated by same one liter of water). If both are equal than his claim is correct.

All the previous claims of running cars on water, ended in fraud as the cost of charging the battery again and again had proved to be more expensive than the cost of oil saved in those methods.

Summarizing all the above, I will say Dr Hoodbouy should ask the correct test otherwise most of the people will lose money and big scientists like him will be humiliated. Test should be to check the law of thermodynamics rather than testing the movement of car or working of engine.